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          1. About us
            About us
                 About us
            About us

            Stellar Mega century Housekeeping Service Co. Ltd belong to the international media group Hongkong stellar century. Headquarters heavily to build government support huge television media, culture communication and high-end domestic brands; as the municipal domestic national permanent association and the Shenzhen Province ten strong domestic chain flagship enterprises, focus on high-end children accompany, Wuchang nanny, senior nursery, gold month nursing professional home services. Staff through medical checks, identity authentication and strict screening examination after a qualification certificate issued by Ministry of human resources and social security of the people's Republic of China Post, the company has professional housekeeping skills of practitioners and strong teacher training team, is committed to providing a full range of high-end family service.

            Company internationalization management, employee treatment system, 100% arrangement work welfare includes: unified purchase insurance for their employees, and provide pre-job training (including children's education theory knowledge and the position of practical course) where a full year in the client's home in our company, the company was rated as excellent staff, can enjoy free travel time and can be recommended to work in Hongkong or Singapore to work; the annual income of 3.6-10 million yuan. Hugh day 2-4 Bao Shisu. Period of agreement according to the situation of free to change jobs, do a full year reimbursement round-trip fare home. We regularly organize staff to carry out tourism activities.

            Company internationalization management, staff welfare treatment system, including: social security, bag board and lodging, the month rests 2-4 day. During the first half of the year for employee contract, pre-service examination and sincere expenses, period of the agreement can be replaced free of charge to work, to do a full year reimbursement home fare. The company regularly organize staff to travel abroad.

            Dormitory facilities: bed, mattress, bed sheets, bedding, air conditioning, fan, refrigerator, washing machine, disinfection cabinet, kitchen, restroom, covering an area of 220 square meters. The training department, administrative department of 12 layer 18 layer and 20 layer of customer service department, a total area of 270 square meters, an area of about 500 square meters of total company.

            Recruitment: 13823512095 Fax: (0755) 83610188

            The complaint: 15818602934 hotline: 400-604-6166

            Telephone interview: (0755) 83135988

            Customer service department: (0755) 83135988 (20 line)

            Customer two: (0755) 83610188 (20 line)

            Customer three: (0755) 23889888 (20 line)

            Customer four: (0755) 23985888 (20 line)

            Customer five: (0755) 83712566 (20 line)

            E-mail: xmsjjz@qq.com QQ:1212597

            Headquarters address: Shenzhen city Futian District Shennan Avenue A Haoming Fortune Plaza 7002, block 20 layer (Shennan Avenue and agricultural road junction, near Che Kung Temple MTR exit A 30m, China Merchant Bank Building, bus station 300m)

            Hotline: 4006046166

            Tel :   0755 -8361 0188                 0755-8313 5988              0755-2388 9888      
            Fax :   0755 -8287826624 hour service hotline: 400 604 6166 Chief Customer Service: 18948335123

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